Investment Strategy

H360’s Investment Strategy

H360’s best investment prospect is an innovative early-stage startup with an idea that disrupts the market. Our goal is to engage in opportunities that present smart, innovative founders with whom we can help guide to success.

We actively seek to invest in concept, early stage companies with fewer than 10 employees.

Founders should submit a concise executive summary, an expense budget for the first two years, the revenue model, and a PowerPoint presentation for us to review.

If we like your idea, we would want to sit down and have a face-to-face meeting to get a complete picture. We exercise our due-diligence process, engage with the founders on their strategy, and have strategy sessions to maximize the founding team’s chances of providing the highest possible ROI while creating an innovative game-changing company.

Once we agree on the potential for greatness, we utilize our vast network of contacts to gain perspective on the company strategy, identify potential team members who can help to build the company, and limit the risk of the company’s entry.

Ideally, we see ourselves as the lead investor and providing a team that works with the company from its early-stage round to post-financing.