Hezekiah Griggs III

H360 Capital | Managing Partner

Griggs is the Managing Partner of H360 Capital. He focuses on the firms growth, partner strategy, and the firms engagement with active innovative entrepreneurs.

Hezekiah Griggs III has been called “America’s Youngest Media Mogul.” His name means, “He who God has Strengthened,” and at 22, his collective work in the world clearly exhibits the power of a name.

Described as a “wunderkind,” Griggs started his first business at the age of seven. As a teenager, Griggs distinguished himself as one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in the world, and began consulting with Fortune 500 companies on their marketing, banking, and media relations with the billion-dollar teen consumer market.

Griggs founded HG3 Media in 2003, where he successfully published and operated magazines and media products geared towards teens. The company now operates as a consultative marketing firm, leveraging Griggs’ experience and success in youth marketing to help other organizations strategically manage their images and brands.

Today, Griggs is the Chairman of ADjute, an innovative web start-up that specializes in entrepreneur and small business solutions.

His name is synonymous “Character-Driven Success,” and his faith and passion have fostered a myriad of business ventures, organizations, and community outreach initiatives that have impacted the lives of countless youth throughout the world.

Among his many responsibilities, Griggs serves as the Chairman of several organizations, including; the Hezekiah Griggs III (HG3) Foundation, the Initiative for Innovative Leadership & Entrepreneurship, HG3 University, Youth in Business Development Program (YBDP), and the YBDP National Forum. He is also an active member of several other regional and national nonprofit organizations.

The recipient of more than 300 awards, Griggs was most recently honored as a “Legend in the Making” at the 55th Anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. FIU, Optimists International, AME Churches, and the NAACP are among the many organizations that have celebrated and honored Griggs’ business and philanthropic initiatives.

Hezekiah Griggs, III’s image, brands, products and service offerings embody today’s savvy, smart, witty, wired, and creative youth. An authentic voice and inspiring role model for this generation, Griggs quite simply, is a “legend in the making.”

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