Corey Rosemond

H360 Capital | Partner

Rosemond is a Partner at H360 Capital. He leads the firms Consumer-facing investments

Corey is a veteran digital entertainment and video game industry thought leader working to educate and utilize new ventures that innovate the way we educate and entertain.

He is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana who has been in the gaming industry since 1997. In his career he managed the online launch of one of the most successful gaming PCs at Dell Computer as well as designed and lead in the creation of a leading casual games digital distribution network for Hewlett-Packard’s Personal Systems Group.

In 2007 he joined Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business where he was instrumental in leading developer relations for the Games for Windows program as well as various Marketing and business development responsibilities for other products including Xbox and Microsoft Casual Games. In 2009 he was responsible for preparing Microsoft’s game industry partners for the highly successful launch of Windows 7.

Following Microsoft Corey headed to Europe where he worked as Vice-President of Publishing for an Icelandic social and mobile gaming company. In this role he was able to secure preferred placement of the company’s products usually reserved for much larger corporations.

Corey is committed to education and positive reforms at all levels which enable America to better compete on the world stage. He is a lecturer at The Guildhall at SMU where he prepares graduate students for leadership positions and careers in the video game industry.

He graduated as a Consortium for Graduate Study in Management Fellow from The University of Texas at Austin where he received a Master’s of Business Administration degree in Marketing and Washington University in St. Louis with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a minor in African-American studies.

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