Brian Peters

H360 Capital | Partner

Peters is a Partner at H360 Capital. He leads the firms Social Media investments.

Brian Peters is the visionary force behind the award-winning Hip Hop Soda Shop. As the Chief Executive Officer of H3 Enterprises, Peters diligently pursued the execution of the company’s business model. The then 25-year-old was the youngest African-American CEO of a Publicly-traded company, after going public through a reverse merger.

Peters’ companies have been the recipient of numerous awards, including the Best New Business Idea Award by Visa and Bank of America. As a CEO, Peters has orchestrated comprehensive strategic partnerships with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Microsoft and Viacom Networks.

Peters’ expertise in social marketing cultivated his brands to prominently being featured in established media markets that include Extra!, CNBC, Fox Business, and news outlets like the NY Post.

As a serial entrepreneur, Peters has been involved in over 30 startups, having raised millions of dollars to turn concepts into market-ready brands. Additionally, Peters has consulted with fortune 500 companies on how they can increase their market penetration in urban communities.

Brian Peters is a committed philanthropist, who has been involved in various initiatives that have helped urban communities to offer quality programs that enhance the opportunities for entrepreneurship and youth development. Peters has volunteered his services to a wide array of social organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, the Harlem Mustangs Basketball league, and is actively engaged in promoting the positive activity of the Hip Hop community.

Peters has led brand development for online networks that center on content sharing and streaming. As he continues to re-invent himself and the companies he advances, Peters is shifting his focus to developing his expertise of Social Media with a specific concentration on emergent monetization models for the Social Media market.

Peters has a degree in Business Administration from Iona College.

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