The H360 Fellowship | April 22, 2011

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The H360 Fellowship
Hezekiah Griggs III | Managing Partner, H360 Capital
April 22, 2011

Over the last two weeks, H360 Capital has made a major impact on Venture Capital activity.

In fact, we have been so busy that I have been unable to write posts on the activities of the firm (too much to write, and not enough time to write it). However, I wanted to make sure that I wrote a specific note about the opportunity offered by the H360 Fellowship.

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The Must:

1. You must be enrolled in College. (either undergrad or grad) If not enrolled, you must explain why you should be considered in great detail for this opportunity.

2. Your major or concentration must be Finance, Business, Politics, or Law.

3. You must have a GPA of at least a 3.3, or the ability to demonstrate strong leadership skills through active involvement in community organizations.

The Important:

1. Demonstrate a desire to be involved in Venture Capitalism.

2. Be readily prepared to be challenged, in a high stakes situations.

3. Be able to commit time and energy to the fellowship.

4. Lead, and provide thought-leadership to diverse leadership teams.

5. Understand, and have full awareness of your skillsets, and why they are valuable to H360 Capital.

Supplemental Information:

The opportunity to work with the Partners at H360 Capital and learn from their experiences is significant for young emerging leaders in business. All applicants should be aware of the significance of the opportunity before applying, and recognze that we have limited slots available. We expected to review apps from the best of the best, and we will expect those that apply for the fellowship to demonstrate a full breath of understanding.

Location and Requirements:

1. Applicants are expected to Submit a Resume and Cover Letter to fellows [at]

2. Participation in the fellowship does not require you be physically located in the areas the firm is expected to do business. They may reside anywhere in the US.

3. Fellows will be assigned work that is commensurate to the skill sets they showcase upon applying. Some fellows will be granted the opportunity to work in-house with myself and the rest of the partners. In this case, applicants must be aware that they are likely (if accepted) to be requested to travel with partners, do due diligence on firms across the country, and may be asked to live in the area of the firms operation.

4. The commitment will last from acceptance to the end of the summer. At the conclusion, a fellow will be asked to stay throughout the year, to further participate in the firms activities.

The Value Proposition:

As with any opportunity, I am looking for the best of the best and once I, and the Partners recognize the best in the fellowship, we will be offering a full-time position at the firm for the fellow who demonstrates the greatest potential during the fellowship.

And, btwacceptance is on a first-come, first-serve basis! Good Luck!

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- HG3

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