Managing H360 | April 11th, 2011

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Managing H360
Hezekiah Griggs III | Managing Partner, H360 Capital
April 11, 2011

When you are busy, its incredibly hard to blog!

The last few days have been a killer, and Im about to embark on a long journey, so my blogs will become a less consistent.

On Thursday, I had 11 meetings (8 of them conference calls) and I actually had a moment for the first time in a few days to go play basketball!

Friday, I had two early-morning phone calls. I had a brief partner meeting, and then I traveled to White Plains NY, to meet with a mentee of mine. We went to breakfast, and walked around the mall (I dont get itbut hey!) I had two conference calls in between. Then I traveled over to White Plains High School, where I spoke with a few young people about business, and the hard work required to be successful. That lasted until about 5pm.

I said goodbye to my mentee, and began a two hour journey to the Nets/Knicks game. I have a friend who is a senior executive of a fortune 50 company, and he and I arranged a meet and greet with some power-brokers, myself and Bob Brown (one of our new partners). We watched the Nets get blown out from the corporate suite, but fortunately, both Bob and I were deputized (honorary) by the Essex County Sheriff in the process.

Got home at around 11pm that evening.

Saturday I woke up early, had a ton of emails to respond to, sent out some follow-up emails with the people I networked with, scheduled some important meetings for this week, and began to prepare for the upcoming schedule I have. I played basketball as well.

Sunday Had an early-morning conference call. Then travelled to NYC for a few meetings. Met with two potential Associates (hires), and went with a mentee and his mother to a college fair, at Jacob Javitz Center. Had a few conversations throughout the day.

I travel to NYC by train, so on my return trip home I noticed that there was some young people sitting on the floor in Penn Station (this is unacceptable as I have seen what people do in Penn Station!) walked over to them, began to converse, and introduced myself. Subsequently they received my information, and now have the responsibility of charging me in some way with being a resource to them. I specifically mention this, because opportunities are so rare, you must always be prepared to unexpectedly have one!

This week, I may announce  some additional partners that I have brought on board. So look out for that!

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- HG3

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