Managing H360 | April 6th, 2011

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Managing H360
Hezekiah Griggs III | Managing Partner, H360 Capital
April 6, 2011

Everyday seems to add more value to my life, than the day before.

I am big on service, and a part of my responsibility (I feel) is to be of service to those looking to make a difference in their life, and the lives of others. So, fortunately, I was able to help three entrepreneurs with their businesses today. Helped them structure their business, prepare it to be scaled, and identify the immediate needs that their businesses currently face. I hope that my advice, will cause appropriate action steps to be followed, and I certainly hope that those action steps will change the lives of others in a positive way.

Yesterdays big announcement, was a major first step in crafting H360s position in young entrepreneurs lives. I recieved quite a few emails, and in receiving them, I appreciated the fact that entrepreneurs took the leap of faith necessary for their business to move to the next level.

For the record, I read all of my emails personally. So do the partners listed online. You can shoot me an email at: hgriggs [at]

My handle on twitter: @HezekiahGriggs

Although sometimes it may take a few days to respond, I do respond! So feel free

Stay tuned to the blog, as we have resourceful information planned for you, as you continue to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams!

- HG3

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  • Absolutely! Each day is designed to add value perhaps even when it doesnt feel so good . . . God has a specific purpose and plan for each of our lives. Our job is to embrace and apply the gifts and talents that He has endowed to carry it out. Thanks Hezekiah, for helping our young leaders do precisely that!

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