Managing H360 | April 5th, 2011

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Managing H360
Hezekiah Griggs III | Managing Partner, H360 Capital
April 5, 2011

More big news from H360 Capital was announced today.

Today we released a big announcement, about our new Big Ideas Initiative. Its important step for our firm, as we continue to build relationships with entrepreneurs who have great ideas as early as possible. We see the entrepreneurs that we invest in, via B2i, as potential strategic long-term partners. Big Ideas deserve recognition from the jump (excuse the colloquialism), and thats what we intend on doing via B2i and future initiatives by our firm.

As a VC, we have two primary responsibilities; 1, raise money, and 2, find deals worth investing money in. And we have been fortunate enough to make major strides in both areas. Im excited about the future announcements we have planned in both areas.

Whats on my agenda for today?

1. Meeting with Partner Brian Peters on Reports on B2i
2. Team Meeting
3.  Interviewing potential partners, aps, and fellows
4. Three conference calls
5. Meeting about possible deal flow with a friend of mine.
6. Analyzing other activities of the firm etc.
7. Top Secret work

I should also mention, that I serve on the board of a few companies, and I run a start-up called ADjute. Not to mention the extensive non-profit work, and speaking that I do. So to get a better picture of my full schedule.H360  is about 1/4 of my daily schedule (OMG!) lol.

- HG3

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