H360 Capital launches innovative Big Ideas Initiative

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The initiative, dubbed B2i, will focus on developing ‘Big Ideas’ by entrepreneurs looking to disrupt the tech space

Charlotte, N.C. – April 5, 2011 – H360 Capital today announced the launch of the ‘Big Idea Initiative.’ This is the latest announcement by H360 Capital, and its ongoing efforts to invest in tech entrepreneurs and ideas that have the potential to disrupt markets.

The new initiative, dubbed B2i, will invest up to $50,000 in 20 technology start-ups. As a society, we haven’t begun the scratch the surface of innovation in technology” said H360 Managing Partner Hezekiah Griggs III. In the past five years, we’ve seen the greatest growth of technology advancements in human history, and the future of technology promises even more. B2i positions H360 to successfully be a part of the promising future of technology advancements in the world.”

H360 Capital’s Big Ideas Initiative is designed to bolster the firm’s investments in early-stage ventures, and to further the potential portfolio companies’ creatively tackle scientific and technical ideas. Additionally, H360 will draw upon the partners vast experience, and network of ‘thought-leaders’ to offer mentorship, business development expertise, operational support, and executive training exercises for funded entrepreneurs.

Brian Peters, a partner at H360 Capital will lead B2i’s investment team. We’ve been making exciting announcements the past few days, but I have to say I’ve been the most excited about the potential B2i has for our firm,” said Peters. “The opportunity to have a more active role in these early-stage companies is what I believe Mr. Griggs has successfully identified as a part of the core structure of our firm’s responsibility.”

This is a very important step in H360’s long-term interest in making an impact on the technology we use in our lives,” said H360 Partner and General Counsel Braynard Brown. “Companies like Facebook, and Bloom Energy provide a great analogous for the type of online innovation our lives have adapted with relative ease over the past few years; and we believe that they are the beginning of what’s to come.”

B2i’s mission will be fully realized when the ideas (and vision) of the entrepreneurs we invest in, become prolific in the lives of users and consumers,” said H360 Partner Fenorris Pearson. “The chain reaction caused by initiatives for entrepreneurs, acts as a catalyst for greater opportunities for the communities they impact – we created B2i in that same spirit.”

B2i will not be limited to investing in developed innovations. Applications will be provided on H360 Capital’s website, H360Capital.com, following a subsequent release announcing the criteria for B2i. H360 Capital is already accepting business plans and investment inquiries at ideas@h360capital.com

If you would like a partner, or member of H360 Capital’s leadership team to come to your high school, college, or club, please send an email with your name, location, and school or club to info@h360capital.com.

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H360 Capital is an angel venture capital firm based in Charlotte, NC. The firm invests in early-stage start-ups with market-disrupting ideas. Innovation is considered key to H360’s investments, as they are typically new ideas that either change a market, or creates one.

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