Managing H360 | April 4th, 2011

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Managing H360
Hezekiah Griggs III | Managing Partner, H360 Capital
April 4, 2011

Last week was tough.

I had early mornings, conference calls, strategy sessions, team meetings, a few arguments, and an occasional bright idea. Brian Peters and I, talked to each other more in the last week, than I think weve talked in the entire six years weve known each other.

But thats the beauty of business, tough weeks = happy years.

Id like to say, that what we are doing at H360 is the first of its kind but Id be wrong. Im sure that we are not the first to unveil a platform like this for entrepreneurs, and from an investment standpoint, the model we are adopting is tried and true. But, I cant help but say it. And technically speaking I am right! (I love how I can contradict myself in the same paragraph)

We are doing something unique, because all of us (the partners and I) bring something unique to H360, thus allowing H360 to be unique in a field where it seems that everything is the same. The emails, and the tweets, and the messages that weve received are strong indicators that our presence in the world is necessary, and hopefully our results in the years to come will validate that premise.

Today, I was excited to announce my friend, Fenorris Pearson, as the newest addition to H360 Capitals partners. He brings enormous value to our team, and his presence is essential to our long-term prospects.

On my agenda today: Interview to Associate Partner candidates, two Strategic Partnership meetings, review some businesses that were submitted on our site (email us your ideas: ideas [at] and three strategy sessions with committees in the firm. A few phone calls sprinkled in-between.

This week, like last, will be tough. But hopefully, I will build the stamina necessary to make it tough and rewarding at the same time.

- HG3

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